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About Upchurch Vineyard

At Upchurch Vineyard I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to create what most winemakers dream about.  In the most European tradition we can focus on one wine from one plot and one family.  Most important of all, the wine must be of one quality.  The highest possible. 

Upchurch Vineyard is owned and operated by Chris and Thea Upchurch. We are an 18.5 acre site uniquely situated on a small plateau at the southern tip of the famed Red Mountain AVA in Washington State. From its inception in 2007 it has been sustainably farmed and certified by L.I.V.E. It has also been certified "Salmon Safe", important for protecting our watersheds in Washington State.

Upchurch Vineyard is built in an American Barn style and is located in Red Mountain (3.5 hours East of Seattle).  Situated in the middle of the vineyard, our winery overlooks the beautiful Yakima Valley and is surrounded by the Horse Heaven Hills and Red Mountain itself.

"At Upchurch Vineyard we hope to create a culture of excellence that expresses the authenticity of the plot and the passion of those that are involved, all to produce a Washington State First Growth from our single parcel in Red Mountain".

- Chris Upchurch

Visit Upchurch Vineyard website: https://upchurchvineyard.com/


As founding winemaker and partner of DeLille Cellars For 23 years and counting, Chris has crafted some of the finest and most award winning wines in Washington State. Chris is the only winemaker to produce two Washington State brands to receive 5 stars (outstanding) in Robert Parker’s Wine Buyers Guide, for Both DeLille Cellars and Doyenne. 



After a few years we can already see that Upchurch Vineyard is a special place. Intense floral notes seems to be a signature of this wine.  Aromas like, lavender, currants, eucalypts, and cherry blossoms permeates the powerful dark fruits, typical of Red Mountain Cabernet.  Upchurch Vineyard  Cabernet Sauvignon is 91% Cabernet and 9% Merlot from our single vineyard estate on Red Mountain. 


Located at the southern tip of the acclaimed Red Mountain AVA in Washington State. Our Vineyard manager Dick Boushey (Grower of the year 2009) has done a magical job of creating a micro vineyard that combines Red Mountain terroir with European “small vine” methods and modern low impact sustainable farming.  Upchurch Vineyard is dedicated to sustainable farming, and we are certified by L.I.V.E. (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) a non-profit organization that promotes and certifies sustainable vineyard practices.

Contact Upchurch Vineyard

Contact: Chris Upchurch, 425.298.4923 or contact@upchurchvineyard.com